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About Horngwell

Horngwell Foodstuff Industries Sdn Bhd was founded in 2011. The company is a growing SME enterprise and located in the beautiful city of Kedah in northern Malaysia. There are a total of 5 fully automated production lines with around 30 employees, the company is firmly committed to the quality, customer satisfaction and product innovation. We are in the transition to focus more on the field of healthy food, promise to provide safe, nutritious, delicious and convenient foodstuff worldwide.

The “Horngwell” series products are dedicated to creating a brand concept of high quality and delicious foodstuff for consumers. The company has the original taste of Ipoh white coffee and charcoal white coffee, includes Hazelnut flavor, musang king durian flavor, 2 in 1 sugar-free etc, chocolate malted drink, dark chocolate drinks, Nanyang tea tarik, milk tea, matcha latte, multigrain nutritious cereal, vegetable multi-grain nutritious cereals, purple sweet potato multigrain cereal, chocolate multi-grain cereals, and many other categories included cookies. “Nutrivalley” is the brand newly created to focus mainly on healthy beverages such as detox fiber drinks, high fiber green coffee, multigrain vegetables mixed, multigrain pumpkin, multigrain collagen beetroot, matcha slimming tea, collagen pomegranate juice etc for worldwide highly demand on healthy lifestyle concept.

The Horngwell sales is divided into two major sections, international and domestic. The company's exports account for more than 40% of total sales. The export mainly cooperates with international companies and sells to New Zealand, Middle East, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Cambodia, China and other countries and regions. The domestic market is covered the rest.

Looking forward to the future, Horngwell will continue to adhere to the corporate culture tenet of “Quality First, Customer Supreme”, adhere to pioneering and innovative, and adhere to its own standards of quality and discipline, aiming to create a beautiful and sweet life for society and consumers. In year 2021, one significant movement has been made to step into another milestone by acquiring the Foods Safety System ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP. It will strengthened the company’s position as a leading food manufacturing company and fulfilling the company “Quality First, Customer Supreme” motto.



GMP (N779267)
HACCP (N703214)
ISO 22000
ISO 22000 2018

Horngwell Foodstuff Industries Sdn Bhd was founded in 2011 in a simple town in northern Malaysia - Lunas, Kedah. It is also the frst of her kind in this small town. By conincidence under the old man's advice and the founder believe that food should provide for the spirit as well as the body, and strive to ensure that every product we prepare also enriches the experience of life itself. The founder - Mr. Marcus Yew has been involced into the food industry for 27 years, because of his belief. The company operate by enduring business ideas that drive growth and innovation; demand quality in everything we do; and foster creativity and ingenuity in all aspects of our business. We strongly believe that this is the only way to ensure the customer satisfaction and loyalty to the product and the brand it embodies.

"HORNG" toward vision for the future, make Horngwell products being promising, flourishing and turning out to be a successful brand in the world.

"WELL" make a turning point, respect and value of the food.

Horngwell gone through an impenetrable obstacle, to cope with the ever-changing situation, looking for new customers, dealing with the unknown market pressure and so on, and we ultimately found an alternative plan to move forward. In 2014, our company is being transforming from the customer OEM into its own brand - HORNGWELL, our business model to promote our products into the international, and then back to the local strategy, along the way, we work shoulder to shoulder with our value customers, in a good faith, pasion and speed of trust. A double blessing has descended upon year 2021, we move forward by creating the brand HORNGWELL NUTRIVALLEY to cope for healthy lifestyle customer and successfully acquired Food safety system ISO 22000, GMP and HACCP at the same time.

At Horngwell Company, we are committed to uphold the consistent service concept, That means developing and applying efficient technology, ideas, and best practices. Our operating principles of focus, innovation, quality, brand and corporate image to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirement, ensure the products compliance with quality assurance procedures. We are committed to our value customers but also the company's eternal pursuit of services.