Multigrain With Vegetables Mix - Kids

Multigrain With Vegetables Mix - Kids

Multigrain With Vegetables Mix - Kids

Category: Grains

Brand: Nutrivalley

Quantity: In Stock


Packing Size: 30g x 8s x 24b

Carton Measurement (mm): 489 x 360 x 264

Net Weight (kg): 5.76

Gross Weight (kg): 7.8

Barcode: 9555601701555

Horngwell Nutrivalley Multigrain with Vegetable Mix is an ideal mixture contains a few coarse mothphil grains and  wholesome veggies which are the nutrient-rich foods for a healthy day, it is also rich with proteins, fibers and vitamins that meet the daily nutritional and health needs of our bodies, and what is distinctive about this product is that it does not contain added sugar, cream products, artificial colorings, or added flavors. Besides, colostrum is used for boosting immune system and specially formulated for the kids.

√ Rich fiber content to give satisfying feel
√ Acts as substitute meals
√ Enhance concentration and brain memory
√ Boost body immune system
√ High in protein


Soy Milk Powder, Brown Rice, Whole Milk Powder, Skim Milk Powder, Polydextrose, Oat Powder, Pumpkin Seed Protein, Multigrain, Mother Oligo, Oat Fibre, Colostrum, Vegetable Mix, Physillium Husk, Matcha Powder, Barley Grass, Cure Salt, Vitamin Complex, M Gard, Spirulina, Calcium and Monk Fruit Extract.


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