Durian White Coffee

Durian White Coffee


Weight(grams): 500

Dimension: 19 cm (Length) x 18 cm (Width) x 22 cm (Height)

Packing Size: 35g x 10s x 12b

Carton Measurement (mm): 389 x 260 x 204 mm

Net Weight: 4.2kg

Gross Weight: 5.4kg

Barcode: 9555601701098

Horngwell Durian white coffee will definitely surprise you with its rich aroma and flavoursome Malaysian taste, it's enhanced with the King of Tropical Fruit - Durian to offer discerning coffee drinkers a change to savour a unique and aroma flavor of durian, along with the smooth and creamy taste of white coffee. A sip of the coffee will leave an unforgettable great taste and fragrant durian white coffee.

√ Pure Durian extract
√ Strong Coffee based
√ Creamy notes
√ Less Sugar


Non Dairy Creamer, White Granulated Sugar, Instant Coffee Powder, Foaming Creamer, Sweetened Condensed Creamer,  Maltodextrin, Durian Powder, Durian Extract, Salt and Thickening Agent (E466).


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