Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea
Matcha Tea
Matcha Tea
Matcha Tea
Matcha Tea


Matcha Tea


Packing Size: 10g x 20s x 26b

Carton Measurement (mm): 489 x 360 x 264

Net Weight (kg): 5.2

Gross Weight (kg): 7.2

Barcode: 9555601701500

Matcha green tea with guarana extract and L-carnitine is not just a product to double burn the stubborn fats accumulated in the abdomen and buttocks, but rather a product that contains a combination of active ingredients that have been carefully selected in order to obtain a wide range of health, nutritional and physical benefits

√ Kyoto Uji Matcha
√ Guarana Extract
√ L-carnitine
√ Polydextrose
√ Stevia
√ Lemon Extract
√ Arabic Gum
√ Sineterol


Polydextrose, Arabic Gum, Lemon Juice, Matcha Powder, L-Carnitine, Sineterol, Lemon Extract, Gurana Extract, Monk Fruit extract and Stevia.


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