Pomegranate Collagen Juice

Pomegranate Collagen Juice

Pomegranate Collagen Juice

Category: Juice

Brand: Nutrivalley

Quantity: In Stock


Packing Size: 8.5g x 20s x 28b

Carton Measurement (mm): 489 x 360 x 264

Net Weight (kg): 4.76

Gross Weight (kg): 6.8

Barcode: 9555601701180

Collagen Pomegranate Juice with acai berry tastes great with pomegranate fruit for natural flavouring, and rich in antioxidants, has added vitamin C together with coQ10 to boost the Collagen, fibre to enhance the delivery of oxygen and reduce the work on the heart allowing longer workouts. Torula yeast is the great sources of L-glutathione widely used for anti-aging, skin-whitening, beauty from within and more.

√ maintain optima skin condition
√ Combat signs of aging
√ Improve skin hydration
√ Smooth and firm skin
√ Skin whitening
√ Sources of fiber


Collagen Powder, Pomegranate Juice, Arabic Gum, Polydextrose, Acai Berry, Pomegranate Extract, Torula Yeast, CoQ10, Vitamin C, Monk Fruit Extract and Stevia.


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